Development of viable business models

So that no one is left behind, so that no one abandons their dreams because they don't know how to monetize them. We help you identify and make your value proposition viable, and our team of experts will accompany you in the start-up of your business.

Creation of unique coworking spaces

We believe in what we do and we are passionate about it. Since 2012, we are dedicated to accompany entrepreneurs and administrations in the development of incubator spaces, coworking spaces and unique business centers.

Boosting collaborative habits and skills  

At Coworking Factory, we believe in the 4C's of coworking: Coselling, Colearning, Comanagement and Cocreation. That is why we help associations, business centers, incubators and coworking spaces in the development of collaborative habits and skills that help accelerate the success of the projects they host.

Development of collaborative networks 

From Coworking Factory we promote projects to develop a new circular, sustainable and intelligent economy, bringing together people, companies and ideas through the construction of collaborative networks.